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February 25th

of travel and bad planning

Train to Dadar: Rs. 8
Bus from Dadar to Pune: Rs. 150
Bus from Pune to Dadar: Rs. 150
Taxi from Dadar to Powaii because I was a wee bit late and that the last train to Thane had left Dadar 10 minutes ago:: Rs. 260

Moral of the story: Sure, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps and all; but it's not a 24x7 show either.

Side moral of the story: Never ask a taxi driver to turn on the music at such times. Taxi drivers who run at such times possess music of abyssmal qualities that might scare you shitless.


February 22nd

ka boom!

How to Destroy the Earth. Sam missed out the one where everyone around the world jumps up and down together in a calculated skewed fashion, creating enough vibration to take the earth out of orbit, hurtling it into the sun.



This is hilarious / scary / insightful: The GoogleZon!.


February 19th

awesome meta joke

[beat this, cartel people!]

Ok, so if I enthusiastically pull up my night trousers and deliver this very joke to you, what would I be doing?

I'll be taking PJs to a whole new level!!!!


February 19th

no comment

No more comments at Vantage Point: another blogger bites the "no more comments" pill. I've always preferred to keep things rather quite here on, mostly for the same reasons. If I had time, I'd google for examples of other bloggers who've done similar things, especially one which said: "If you have to shout, shout it from your rooftop, not mine".

Anyway, why I'm writing about this is because I'm not really in favour of total curfew either, and prefer to choose which posts I'd like to encourage discussion on.


dotcom laughter

New York Times to Buy for about $400 Million! - and you thought only BSchool people did PJs.


February 18th



Rasam ingestion protocol

Had rasam for lunch today, which led to my brain popping up a few questions I'd love to have answers to:

  1. Do you eat rasam, or do you drink rasam?
    Rasam in culinary taxonomy would find its place in the "soups" category. While a soup is eaten, I find the concept of eating rasam a little hard to digest. any comments?
  2. My second question is a more important one, since I'm afraid I might be doing this wrongly: How do you eat rasam with rice? Is there a method to this, one that does not involve making a swimming pool out of one's plate?
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February 17th


Six Apart revamped their website, consolidating their assets (TypePad, MovableType, and LiveJournal). I don't like the new design - looks like a girl with too much make up on. Also, I don't like the way they've used Flash to load up custom fonts.

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February 16th

the girl of my dreams

Veteran readers of this weblog might remember an attempt at starting a themed selection of blog posts of this title, wherein I ponder upon possible encounters with various members of the fairer sex. Here's one for Valentine's Day, which also happens to be the day I was born. Some people call it a fortunate coincidence, but I disagree:

Me: "Hey there. It's my birthday today."
Her:"Duh. Can't you guys come up with anything better?"
Me: "No, really! it is my birthday!."
Her: "Creep." (walks off)

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