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December 29th

arnab zeitgeist, 2005

Wow, what a year. Highlights from 2005:

  • Lived in 4 cities, 2 countries.

Mumbai, Jan-April: Finished my stint as a research assistant at IIT Bombay. Kept cribbing about how sad my life was back then, but the experience was totally worth it.

Delhi, April-May: No place like home. Rest and Relaxation time.

Bangalore, May-August: The wild, wild life of a software company intern. Play foosball all day[Ok, I did do some work; it’s hard not to do work when you’re working with such amazing people!], get off work, do FreshLimeSoda+DosaCurry at Pecos/Mojos, do random timepass at CMH Road / Brigade Road, reach Guest House late at night, wake up at 10 to breakfast and VH1 in Bed. Aah, the good life!

Ann Arbor, August-Now: My first experience outside India, spending the first few weeks thinking “This is not too bad…”; and then getting caught in the storm of activity that was the first semester of grad school. Now that it’s over, I must say it was fun. Could have done better, but I’m not disappointed with how I fared.

  • Cooked Prawns in Butter Pepper Garlic for a group of hungry girls
    I have never seen a whole platterful of prawns disappear in 30 seconds. You know you got it right when they lick even the garlic off the plate :)
  • Moved around quite a bit.
    Cities / Towns I have been to this year (in random order)
    Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Goa, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Frankfurt, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas.
  • Started grad school
    Embarked on a multiyear expedition; an attempt to become Dr. Arnab. This has been the most difficult and important decision I have ever taken in my life, with all common sense pointing in the other direction. I’m really interested to see how this works out.
  • Bought my first Mac
    An old, second generation iMac, but the OS X experience is worth the money I paid for it and more.
  • Unbroke my heart
    For sure this time. Or so it seems :)
  • Spent an insane amount of money on my teeth
    If there is one advice I have to give to anyone, it is: TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH. DENTAL WORK IS FRIGGIN EXPENSIVE.

This year has probably been the best year in my entire life. A lot has changed, hopefully for the better. I’m really looking forward to next year: 2006, let’s see what you bring!

vegas trip

Got back from Vegas! Drove to the place thanks to my supercool cousin sister. Here’s pictures.


December 22nd

visiting utah

I’ll be visiting family at Salt Lake City around New Year; and have some free time around 2nd / 3rd of January. I really want to visit the University of Utah campus; if you, dear reader, or any of your friends are kinda jobless around that time, ping me, will ya? Would appreciate it!


December 22nd

michigan pacman

UofM kids dress up as PacMan and raid the UGLi(The UnderGrad Library) and the Fishbowl. Wouldn’ve been fun to see this live, missed it!


December 20th

dear shruti bhandari

I know you’re never going to forgive me for this. I had forgotten your birthday, which was on the 13th, and I usually don’t forget these things unless there’s a shitload of work to do. I am really really sorry and I hope you read this and call me sometime because I have forgotten your phone number which I would have used to call you otherwise. Please call me soon, I want to tell you all about how you’ve been an indispensible friend over all these years and that you’ve always been an amazing person who doesn’t know how amazing she is and how you should chill out and a few other things that I will not write on this weblog because you will kill me if I do.

Wishing you a very Happy 28th Birthday.


PS: Oh, and also please come to Ann Arbor the next time you’re coming to amrika.