Archive - Nov 16, 2005


and it begins

Sudherssen and I are walking to the department, and I look up and ask myself: “Dude, why is the rain falling so slowly?”
And then I realize: “Dude. That’s because it’s not raining, it’s snowing!”. (And then my flatmate calls up to say the same thing)

For someone who’s never seen snowfall, this is so frickin’ kewl. I did once spend an afternoon in a bunch of white ice during a trek; sledding on plastic plates off a hillock in the Garhwal mountain range — but this is completely a different experience. Apparently the novelty fades away in a couple of weeks and I will also take on the grumpy, depressed “damn-the-winter” attitude that the other people seem to carry. But till then, this is totally awesome.