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October 31st

daylight savings time

They switched off Daylight Savings Time yesterday, setting our clocks one hour back. It’s amazing to see how cellphones, computers and any other centralized time-telling device suddenly goes back in time as if nothing changed. The inhabitants of 2026 Willowtree Towers, however, spent the extra hour earned quite wisely, sitting with friends on their totally awesome futon, eating a rather late dinner, discussing the implications of the extra hour:

Somebody: “You know, now I can study for one more hour”
Otherbody: “You know, now I can sleep for one more hour”


October 26th

taxicabs and finite automata

Suresh writes about an interesting conversation with a taxi driver.

awestruck sidenote: Suresh works at the AT&T(bows head), and did his PhD under Prof. Motwani(bows head).

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October 23rd

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Intelligent Design, at the New Yorker.



Anu LiveJournal:

Every person I meet adds a little bit of himself or herself to me. From the smiling waiter to the frowning boss, every character in the script plays a role in my little performance on world stage. I am a little bit of everyone I have ever met. These little relationships are the most important elements of my life. They are what matters most to me because they make me what I am, even what I will be.

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October 21st

The Printer Conspiracy

Did you know that your printer prints the date, time, and printer number in secret dots on every page you print? I’d once watched a documentary about how forensic scientists use the dots on print evidence left by imperfections on laser drums to track down printers (and hence suspects), which was pretty cool. But this, especially when the end-user is totally uninformed, is outrageous.


October 18th


I have INFINITE homework to do; so now is as good as any a time to re-involve myself in what is definitely the most futile activity on this planet. Expect long, wayward commentary on how the American education system cauterizes innocent young minds, turning them into workaholic zombies, amongst other topics. Plus, we still have to talk about the Russian lady who did not know English, but still was intent on conversing with me through all of my Frankfurt-Detroit flight, the scary consequences that lateral inversion has for pedestrians, and how this sentence is way longer than it should be.

Plus, we will talk about my newly acquired, extremely awesome, svelte, beautiful, dark eyed, dark haired, imaginary Spanish girlfriend. Or maybe not.

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October 10th

of blog resignations

Gaurav Sabnis resigns from IBM, all thanks to IIPM. I wonder if there are any IIPM alumni in IBM, and if there are, I wonder what they feel about this issue.


October 4th

i hate homework!

Hate it Hate it Hate it!

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