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April 26th

i'm alive

Well, I've been meaning to write this entry for ages now, but I guess the procrastination glands have been working overtime lately.

Frequent visitors of this weblog might have noticed the "Live From Mumbai" sign removed from the headers on the 15th of this month - that was the day I came back to Delhi, after 3 and a half long months away from home. I travelled by the new Rajdhani Express, which looks spectacularly awesome in terms of exterior train design. The interior hasn't changed much, though. I was disappointed that the notable updates to the interior were restricted to larger windows and airplane-like toilet facilities. I'm sure there was a lot more they could have done with the design. Of course, when they serve you Kaju Kishmish icecream for dessert after dinner, it's a little hard to complain about the overall experience, so I'll give it a thumbs up anyway.

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March 11th


I've become addicted to Gnome Tetravex. It's the best thing to play between coding breaks. Current Best time: 28 seconds on a 4x4 board!


March 8th

mumbai meetings II - arnab fights back

Caught up with webloggers I knew and maitre d' of the Indian Bloggers' List. On her blog, she referred to me as "the talented Mr. Nandi" - whether she meant it as a compliment or as a comparison to the murderer and impostor from the movie, I don't know. We met at Barista's Bandra - the very venue of vice. Yes, I know I'm truly cursed. But is it my fault if these monopolistic coffee makers set up shop at the most easy-to-locate places? Anyway, here's the catch: we met at Barista's - i.e., we only used it as a trivial landmark to coordinate things. In other words, they lost a potential customer. Yes! Retribution at last!

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of mumbai meetings and the barista backlash

On the 5th, I met the inimitable Yazad Jal, weblogger extraordinaire and founder of Praja.

We met at Victoria Terminus, where Yazad showed me around the place - Yazad knows the area like it was his own backyard. Saw the many Victorian-era buildings around the place, including the Municipal Corporation building, and the hip-looking Slimes Of India building. After some discussion, we decided to go to the Barista cafe at Planet M. Regular readers of this blog would recall my recent misadventure with the cafe chain. It was my will power against Yazad's power to convince. Considering the fact that he runs an entire foundation by convincing people to give him truckloads of money, he's obviously very good at it; and hence we left my resolve at the token counter along with my bag and went up the stairs for our cuppa coffee. I guess Fate read my blog and decided to align the planets to humble me. The only upside to this incident is that it was Yazad who paid the bill, and so I wasn't directly patronizing them, Yazad was. Hence I shamelessly acquit myself on a technicality.

March 2nd


The birth of Photoshop - I'm amazed to see how little the Toolbar has changed over 14 years. I guess that's what they call a timeless classic of UI Design.


c&h fulltext search

The Calvin & Hobbes Collection, now searchable by text.


March 1st


Funny one at the local humor newsgroup:

Jack & Jill - Laalloo Ishtyle:

Jackwa aur Jilwa gayil upar da hil

Paniya bharil ke vaaste
Jackwa gir gayil, ooka khopdi phat gayil
Aur Jilwa aawat ludkan poore raaste!!!


February 28th

crack scene!

BlogRolling acquired by Tucows!!! Press release at Y! News. Congratulations, Jason!


February 19th

lazy or crazy?

In the lab that I work, I sit on a machine that has no speakers. Hence, to play songs, I use a machine that has speakers - a desktop located about 2 metres behind me. If I were a normal person, I'd just walk up to the machine and play my songs from there. If I were to think that the music is too loud, I'd just walk up to the speakers and turn the volume down. But instead, here's what I did:

ctrl+alt+t to open a terminal

ssh compbehindme


(noticing that it's too loud)


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February 18th

yahoo vs google

Yahoo dumps Google. They're powered by their own search engine now, thanks to the acquisitions the made last year. It's amusing to see how the browser wars have turned out. In the very beginning, we had the following players:

Altavista - One time leader in the websearch engine. Commited harakiri by tranforming into a portal, among other things.
AllTheWeb - Indexes a LOT of pages. I used it for pages I couldn't find anywhere else. But that's about all I used it for.
Yahoo - Search, mostly dependent on the then-huge human-managed directory. Plus points: search quality, and portal features.