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May 19th

the advantage of huge companies

Novell announces release of Connector as open source: This has become a pretty standard trend now. "Big company buys small company, big company doles out small company's bread-earner for free. Big company becomes popular, small company gets more exposure via the product." Now the next chapter in the story can either be "Big company dies, small company ends up orphaned and destitute." or "Big company wisely nurtures small company and uses it for total world domination." Let's hope it's the

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Lights out in the city that never sleeps. Pretty rare event.



I have a feeling the next half-decade is going to be a good one.


May 12th

more fanatism

From the Internet Archive: Google Hardware. Notice the Lego case.


May 11th

cheating at blackjack

For those like me who like to "start afresh" at GNOME Blackjack (read: get rid of the huge previous debts): Go to the GConf-editor (for Fedora: Applications > System Tools > More System Tools > Configuration Editor) and navigate to apps > blackjack > global and change the value of balance to 500. Now start the game, and you have a clean slate. I wish real life was this easy.



Now this is getting boring. More new stuff from Mountain View: The Google Blog.


selling your own brother

From Bhavya's blog:

Bhaiyya's Matrimonial

Aadisht Khanna: Fair, 5 foot 8.5 inches Punjabi boy; Engineering graduate, currently doing first year in IIM Bangalore. From a liberal and open minded Business family, owning property in South Delhi Locality. Teetotaller and non-smoker, occasionally vegetarian. Religion/height no bar. Dimples and curly hair preferred. Horoscope not required.

Please send in your biodata and a cash amount of Rs. 100 enclosed in envelope to be considered, c/o Bhavya Khanna, B1/40, Safdarjung Enclave.

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May 10th

way to go!

Bangalore, get ready, here comes Aadisht!



Voted for the first time in my life. Feels good! Geek Comments: 10/10 to the Election Commission for usability :)


so this is what the fuss was about