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September 29th

pheedo acquires blogsnob

Pheedo Inc. acquires my baby Blogsnob. I don't know what I should be - happy, sad, etc. Kinda like getting to know that your ex-girlfriend's getting married or something like that. Sigh.

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September 20th

back in bombay

After a whirlwind trip to Delhi, I'm back in aamchi Mumbai. If I didn't meet up with you in Delhi, really sorry, feel free to drop by my place anytime when you're in Mumbai. As always, I'm suffering from the Blogger's Paradox, the one in which you have so much to write about that you don't want to write about anything. Supposedly the popular cure to this is to start with random bits to get the flow going, and things will automatically solve themselves.

Hence, let's begin with some observations. What is it with bloggers and the culinary arts? First we have one of the alpha-indibloggers hang up their geek gloves in exchange for a wok and a skimmer, somewhere in Bangalore. Then we have Meg putting on the apron to follow her heart. And closer to Mumbai, NidhiTee just Alt+F4ed her blog, with the only remote hope of reading her words again on the world wide web, apparently being her cooking blog. My condolences to her stalkers.

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September 7th

faq for the time being

Are you dead ?
Not yet.

Then why the hell aren't you posting?
I'm busy.

Hmm... partying too hard in Mumbai, eh?
If juggling powerpoint slides, research papers and code is partying, I'm groovin' baby.

It's really cool to read about what you do and all.
That's not the only thing I write about, you know. And it's definitely not the focus of this weblog.

But I want to know more about your every move...
Go away, freak.

What's with the bickering in the gmail invites post?

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