Archive - Aug 2004


August 11th

click me!

Just like everyone else, I have #@!#!@# #!@#!@ #@#!@%R#$%%^ #$%$%#$#$$@# erased the announcement of something new due to compliance with it's ToC.

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August 10th

stupid indians!


'Indians lack creativity and cannot come up with the ideas to create and sell a product. Indians can only do the backend slog work that helps US companies create and sell their products.'

Read the whole article.

Related link: The One Sixth Rule.

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Never ever, ever, EVER try to work on Hidden Markov Models when you haven't slept for over 24 hours. Oh Viterbi!

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August 9th

busy wait

Today I was asked not to busy-wait. Awesome terminology.

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August 8th

tee nine

Some notes on T9. perl-fu used to prove interaction design-fu:

The patented iTap/T9 system uses a dictionary (does it also use a general language model?) to decode the string back into english characters. In the event of any ambiguity, the user uses scroll commands (embodied on one or more other keys) to select the desired word from a list offered by the machine.

I was curious to find out how good this code is for English. I could see it being bad in two possible ways.

1. Assuming that the user is purely typing words from a dictionary, how often will the user have to use the disambiguator, (Example: KISS = LIPS = 5477, and PUFFS = QUEER = 78337!)

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August 6th

freudian mumbaism

Just woke up from a rather strange dream that included a seemingly implausible scene about a Maruti 800 parked inside a bedroom. I'm not sure, but I think this has something to do with the tiny dimensions of Mumbai apartments. Perhaps I should read the book to find out more.


August 3rd

dot com vs beer

Korean superportal is buying Lycos from Terra Networks for 105 million dollars. Terra originally had paid 12 billion dollars for the portal, which means that they're giving it away at close to 1/100th at the cost they paid! In case you didn't know, Daum is the biggest portal in Korea and is the 11th most popular website in the world, according to Alexa. But how wise was this deal for Terra? Here's a comment from /.:

Hm... $12.5 billion can buy about 925 million 12-packs of bottled Guinness Draught. At the 5 cent per bottle recycling rate in NY state, that would net about $555 million.

August 1st

thick cars in deep space

New addition to the blog roll: Carthik Sharma!