Archive - Aug 16, 2004


there is a higher power and he reads my blog

A few hours after I ranted about how sad it is to be working on a saturday night, Nitin suddenly wants to play table tennis. "It's One o clock, dude", says Brain Sector 1. Brain Sector 2 is enjoying the drops of rain and wind on my face as I hold a packet of hot parathas in one hand, TT racquets in the other, riding on the backseat of a Bajaj Wind 125, back to the department from Hostel 12(which is decently far away).

We(four of us) played till 3 or 4 o clock(I have no clue of the time), folllowed by parathas with sauce and achaar, and coffee. Drinking hot coffee from a 500 ml coke/pepsi bottle turned out to be more difficult than I thought.

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