Archive - Jul 2004


July 31st

googul ipo page

The IPO Page is up. The first lines read:

In order to register for a bidder ID through this web site, you must be a U.S. person. An individual who is a resident of the United States is a U.S. person.

Two observations. First, that yours truly cannot help himself to a part of the pudding. Second, that lawyers suck majortime at writing simple English.


July 30th

email problems

People, if you have been emailing me at my personal email address, (addresses of this domain name), I haven't been getting any of it - since 2 days, I think. Apologies for the inconvenience, please feel free to use the Contact Page to communicate with me.

July 28th

readers post

Ok, your turn. comment away!


July 27th

misspelled namesakes

They might both live in California, USA, but Kasley is not Kalsey: they're two completely diferent people.


July 26th

could not resolve host

ado also known as arnab dot org was down for some hours due to a bad drive inside the host's main server. But, as you can see, the awesome folks at Idologic fixed it without issues :)


July 24th

Miss Congeniality

Meet Erika Ebbel. I'm sure the "Winner, Miss Massachusetts pageant" fits right in with the rest of her resume.


July 23rd

recursive quote

Me: "Explanation - your friends don't need it, your enemies wouldn't believe it."

Friend: "What do you want to say, am I your friend or your enemy?"

Me:"Explanation - your friends don't need it, your enemies wouldn't believe it."

arnab vs arnab

good arnab: "You know, research is such a wonderful thing - no schedule, no commitments, you can do what you want, no stupid people to endure and best of all - everyday is a Sunday"

evil arnab: "Yeah, and everyday is a Monday, too"

July 22nd


I sat looking at this for five minutes.


July 17th

new gmail features

Gmail added some new features to it's arsenal today. The most important one for me being the ability to import contacts, of course. Combined with address auto complete, it's a wonderful thing to have.

The next big thing I'm looking forward to is Yahoo Mail's clean, fast new interface - thanks to its acquisition of OddPost. I expect it'll hit browsers within a month.