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May 10th

way to go!

Bangalore, get ready, here comes Aadisht!



Voted for the first time in my life. Feels good! Geek Comments: 10/10 to the Election Commission for usability :)


so this is what the fuss was about


May 3rd

gimp learnings

People who know me are aware how big a fan I am of the venerable application that is Photoshop/Imageready. After having shifted to Linux(post on that pending), I decided to have a look at GIMP today, based on a tip-off by a FLOSS buddy of mine. My findings are more or less concordant with the rest of the world (from what I found on google), but I'd like to add a few things to what everyone else is saying. I'm sure there are more people who're using the Fedora Core 1 distro with GNOME and are considering the GIMP as a serious replacement for Photoshop, so here's a few things that'll help them:

atomic requirement

Dear everyone who's using a / Blog*spot account:, I have a small favour to ask of you: Why not get an Atom feed for your website? It allows us aggregator-using people to subscribe to your blog and read them when it's updated. You guys are the only one without feeds (even Livejournal folks have feeds) so I think it's a good idea to enable them. Here's how you can do it.


May 2nd

interesting story

I've been in situations like this: Random Call.


Remember the times when even mis-spellings of domain names were hot property? Apparently, they still are.


April 30th

fake faces for the masses

Yahoo Avatars - just the right thing that we need to make the world a better place. [/end sarcasm]


gee, mail!!

First of all, a million namastes to Kiruba. He sent me one of his two gmail invites, so if you want to send me 500 emails each containing boring photographs of your last holiday trip, you can now do that to this address: arnabdotorg at the service in question. First opinions: fast, but mostly because a) the internet is built nowadays to provide google faster and b) there are no rich media ads, as compared to HottMale and Yeahwho. Apart from that, just some new UI thingies - it might change the way I see my mail, but not how I use it. B

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