Archive - May 11, 2004


cheating at blackjack

For those like me who like to "start afresh" at GNOME Blackjack (read: get rid of the huge previous debts): Go to the GConf-editor (for Fedora: Applications > System Tools > More System Tools > Configuration Editor) and navigate to apps > blackjack > global and change the value of balance to 500. Now start the game, and you have a clean slate. I wish real life was this easy.



Now this is getting boring. More new stuff from Mountain View: The Google Blog.


selling your own brother

From Bhavya's blog:

Bhaiyya's Matrimonial

Aadisht Khanna: Fair, 5 foot 8.5 inches Punjabi boy; Engineering graduate, currently doing first year in IIM Bangalore. From a liberal and open minded Business family, owning property in South Delhi Locality. Teetotaller and non-smoker, occasionally vegetarian. Religion/height no bar. Dimples and curly hair preferred. Horoscope not required.

Please send in your biodata and a cash amount of Rs. 100 enclosed in envelope to be considered, c/o Bhavya Khanna, B1/40, Safdarjung Enclave.

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