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April 28th

2-minute jammin!

You have to listen / watch this one. Vishalbhai, whoever you are, I bow to you. (via losthighway)


new homepage

Crypto/Theory whiz Satyen Kale has updated his personal page with a new template that I designed. I did the design on the precondition that he will start blogging again, so let's see what happens next :)


April 26th

firefox crashes

Just like Ankit, I too have been experiencing this very same problem. I know I'm supposed to look up the bugs database to check if the report exists and submit one if it doesn't, but my small brain somehow does not understand the rather easy to use form.


news from the blogosphere

Another great reason to start blogging: famous bloggers get invited to TV shows. Sadda apna Yazad Jal was on Channel [v]'s "Choose or Loose" yesterday, along with Nafisa Ali, Mahesh Bhatt and Milind son-of-Murli Deora. As Murphy would have it, I missed the show, thanks to the cable guy who informed me that the [v] receiver had conked out (and not the other 86 receivers that could have). Let's just hope there're some reruns of the show sometime later.

Speaking of Channel [v], what's with all these new faces? I saw posters of this female Sarah something a few days back, promoting some model hunt. Three months of not watching TV and they begin strutting models on music channels. Great. So Mr. Cableguy, I want my [v] back ASAP. And Dear [v], I want some sensible airplay please.

i'm alive

Well, I've been meaning to write this entry for ages now, but I guess the procrastination glands have been working overtime lately.

Frequent visitors of this weblog might have noticed the "Live From Mumbai" sign removed from the headers on the 15th of this month - that was the day I came back to Delhi, after 3 and a half long months away from home. I travelled by the new Rajdhani Express, which looks spectacularly awesome in terms of exterior train design. The interior hasn't changed much, though. I was disappointed that the notable updates to the interior were restricted to larger windows and airplane-like toilet facilities. I'm sure there was a lot more they could have done with the design. Of course, when they serve you Kaju Kishmish icecream for dessert after dinner, it's a little hard to complain about the overall experience, so I'll give it a thumbs up anyway.

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