Archive - Jan 23, 2004

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Techfest, one of India's biggest technical festivals begins tomorrow at IIT Bombay. I'm sad because I didn't have the time to prepare for it and come up with something (Kapil, Jayant and I are all working at different places this semester). I'm also sad because this is probably the last college technical festival I'll be witnessing as an undergraduate. Of course, that is assuming I am fortunate enough to pass and get my degree this year.

Well, there's still a lot to see in a tech fest even when you're not participating. I intend to be the "silent witness" this time, instead of putting on my usual enthusiastic software demo zealot garb. I'm really looking forward to the Open Software Demo contest and the talk by Kevin Warwick.

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No, I wasn't suffering from writer's block.... it was more of a guilt sort of a thing - trying to cope up with the overdose of holidaying, and not working. Now that I'm back in my geek-workaholic-sit-in-front-of-computer-all-day mode, things should become normal soon.

The first thing I want to write about is where I'm writing from. As you can see from the header graphic, I'm writing live from Mumbai, more specifically from the Informatics lab at the Computer Science department at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, which is in Powai. The work environment at IITB is quite different from what I'm used to. The networks here are built like fortresses; everything is secured. It took me hours to get past the firewalls and figure out a way to check my own (outside) email. IITB(or atleast the part I've seen so far) is a linux country; windows machines are harder to find than girls on the campus.