Archive - Sep 28, 2003



The Channel [v] PopStars2 announced their band name today: Aasma. ew. It's supposed to mean sky in hindi, but it sounds like the dreaded ESMA to me.

Anyway, their first video debuted today, and the song's quite nice. It's soft, but not too mushy - just right. I liked it. Overall the video direction and production are good, but the four desperately need to do something about their collective body language - there are times when they look like an impromptu ensemble of jumpy kids.

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Proof that some people will do anything for extra credit:

At Algoma University the mature students in the fast track accelerated second degree program are not quick to accept theory without proof. As a result, Professor George Townsend offered extra credit to anyone in his forth year Computer Networks course who could take up the challenge of implementing internet based protocols over a new form of medium - Bongo Drums.

Eight weeks later, the first public demonstration was given to the class by using a simple ping packet. With a blinding 2bps speed, the class sat patiently as the packet was received in roughly 140 seconds.