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September 28th


The Channel [v] PopStars2 announced their band name today: Aasma. ew. It's supposed to mean sky in hindi, but it sounds like the dreaded ESMA to me.

Anyway, their first video debuted today, and the song's quite nice. It's soft, but not too mushy - just right. I liked it. Overall the video direction and production are good, but the four desperately need to do something about their collective body language - there are times when they look like an impromptu ensemble of jumpy kids.

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Proof that some people will do anything for extra credit:

At Algoma University the mature students in the fast track accelerated second degree program are not quick to accept theory without proof. As a result, Professor George Townsend offered extra credit to anyone in his forth year Computer Networks course who could take up the challenge of implementing internet based protocols over a new form of medium - Bongo Drums.

Eight weeks later, the first public demonstration was given to the class by using a simple ping packet. With a blinding 2bps speed, the class sat patiently as the packet was received in roughly 140 seconds.

September 25th

apartheid on line?

AOL Preps 9.0 Versions for Blacks, Teens:

The African American version is now in development. It emerged from AOL's desire to improve user experience in general on its service, and in particular for this community, Brown suggested.
"The African-American service will evolve in a short period of time," she said. "We have to do a better job serving them."


spilt milk

Attention all Coffee Addicts: Techrose's DNS got roasted, but it should be back soon. Till then, you can access Mahesh's Filter Coffee via the IP Address.

update: seems to be back now.


September 24th

should we call it computer wizardy then?

Geoff Cohen asks:

Is Computer Science a Science?... More seriously, computer science is very different from the natural sciences (it's okay for a group of sciences to have "science" after their name). Computer science is what Herbert Simon calls a Science of the Artificial. It deals with creating artifacts that embody human intention. Natural sciences, in contrast, have no place for intention; they are about inferring the real functioning of reality.

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everyone's away...

I wonder where everyone's gone!



September 23rd


In April 2002, Google hosted the "Google Programming Contest" with a $10,000 cash prize. The winning entry, by Daniel Egnor, was titled Geographic Search:

Daniel's project adds the ability to search for web pages within a particular geographic locale to traditional keyword searching. Daniel's system provides an interface that allows the user to augment a keyword search with the ability to restrict matches to within a certain radius of a specified address

The contest rules had a clause that Google, Inc. would be granted full rights to use the technology used in the entries submitted.

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September 21st



phpDbxAdmin is a tool to make the administration of a DBX database easier.

People are starting open source projects to build on top of one of our babies... neat!


September 19th


Funny quote at Roshan's blog:

A friend who works for an NGO in Delhi just got her first salary. Her mom's reaction: "Wow, that's even less than your phone bill!"


September 19th


Thar she blows. (If you see this coming towards you, don't get carried away, ok? just run!)