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May 31st

lingua franca

Just realized that I've completely forgotten Marathi - I'm going to need a few lines to survive in aamchi mumbai! Well, I've got only one so far:

mala marathi maiti nako : "I don't know Marathi"

Help me out, people!

| |


15 hours before I leave for Mumbai, and nothing's packed!


eggs too

The hairstyles in X2 - X-Men United are hideous. Someone should've told the hairdresser that the names are names, and not the complete embodiment of the characters. Storm looks like she just motorcycled through a blizzard with no helmet on. Jean Grey, oh, my sweet Jean Grey, now looks like one of those behenji types with the "latest fashcut" and mehendi all over.

These are superwomen. Figments of fantasy. Then why don't they have hair that people can fantasize about?


May 30th

i scream

Thanks to Vadilal's Two for One offer, I shall be having ice-cream after dinner, before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch...



Three, by novocaine.


May 29th


I hate exams - they really cramp your blogging frequency. Anyway, 6th semester is over, and I've got to start preparing for the Mumbai trip.

Just noticed another thing - 48 hours of not checking emails got me about 90-100 emails in the inbox. And about 70 of them were spam. That's 70% noise. Ouch.


May 14th

westward ho!

Good news: After my exams, I shall be spending a fornight in Mumbai, where I'm going to attend a course at IIT Powai about UNL. Really looking forward to meeting all the blog people... there's quite a bunch there!

So in case there's any trainee assassins who'd like to practice a bit of sharpshooting on the 1st of June, I'm the dark-skinned, (now) fat guy getting off the airplane at Santa Cruz Airport.

| |


The blood tests say that I'm normal and not suffering from subliminal haematoma. Well, medicines haven't worked well - I'm still leaking sporadically, so I've got to find a way to stop. Can't have blood spewed all over my exam answer sheets, can I?

Come to think of it, maybe the examiner will get freaked out thinking it's a psycho-killer's paper ("Gimme da marks, whench, or I'll yank yer guts out!"), and give me more marks?


May 10th

attack of the clones

We had the Daypop 40, and Blogdex, and then PopDex came along. You thought it was over, and people would be content with all this, right?

Wrong. Welcome to BlogPulse - Automated Trend Discovery for Weblogs:

BlogPulse Key Phrases and BlogPulse Key People are mined daily from new entries in over 40,000 weblogs using machine learning algorithms and natural language processing techniques. BlogPulse Top Links are the most popular links appearing in weblogs today.

And guess what? This is a project by Intelliseek, a company with investors like Nokia, Lycos, Ford and Chrysalis. [note to self: start a blog company, that's where the money really is.]


Did you know that in IE (I'm using 6) even the scroll bars have context menus? I accidentally right-clicked the scrollbar, and it had options like Scroll Here, Top and Bottom. I don't know how many people would use it, but I think it's neat.