Archive - Apr 2003


April 3rd

april fool banaya

Ok, so it wasn't a really clever one, but I had to come up with something! My mother (yes, she reads this blog) was pretty mad at me when she read it, but otherwise, it was fun...

Did anyone notice the names of the first four people who left comments in the post? they were from Farah, Omkar, Oujwal, and Lavanya - no one noticed that!


April 1st


hello everybody, this is Arnab's mother here. A lot of you must be wondering why Arnab has'nt been writing for so many days... well, Arnab has had a relapse of his psychological condition, and hence has been forbidden from using the computer. However, he keeps telling me that his readers will miss him, so I thought I would keep you in the know. It would be great if you can send him some best wishes via comments to this post or email - so that I can print them out and read them out to him.

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