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March 23rd

hic cup

Australia wins the ICC Cricket World Cup 2003, defeating India by a huge margin. You could tell from the first ball of the day. Something was wrong with the planets, I tell you. Wide balls, no balls, dead balls doled out like blankets before election time. Fielders running after catches as if it was a slow motion love song in Mithunda's next movie. To top it all, Tendulkar and ilk playing shots even Anna Kournikova would dread to in her sport. Add to that, the formidable Aussies. I fell asleep during Ricky Ponting's batting - seeing him hit six after six got monotonous.


From 1:30pm, the roads of every Indian city, town and village will be empty. An eerie, desolate silence will mar the markets, bus stops, and every other public place. All that will be left in India today is... Every family sitting glued to their TV sets at home watching the India vs Australia World Cup 2003 finals!


March 22nd

aloha, earth people

Greetings to all those people coming to my humble space on the Internet from the Hindustan Times article. I hope you find this place interesting, and come back here often. Some parts of the site are still incomplete, but you can have a look at TimepassTown if you want to read some cool stuff.

Feels nice to be featured in a National Daily - I've had my brushes with the media in the past, but to wake up in the morning and see my name on Page 16 of the day's newspaper...

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March 19th

must have

No-War Chop suey. Served hot with Freedom Fries.


free quency

The sad thing about blogging is that, contrary to the way it should be, it is inversely proportional to the degree of activity in your life. For example, every day the last week warranted a page of text in itself, but by the time I got to write, I was just too tired.

My life is'nt that hot and happening, but I still have this huge backlog of stuff to write about, so expect a barrage of posts once I get over my writers' block.

Till then, just so that you don't miss me too much, I bring to you (drum roll)... Aadisht Khanna. I plug Aadisht here with extreme caution, because I know this guy will be winning over all my readers with his seductive writing. So go give him a look see. And please do come back to read me as well.

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March 12th

get well soon

Yo! Baby Kribs! Get Well Soon, li'l one!


March 2nd


Yay! 2nd Prize Open Software! (thank you, thank you, thank you)