Archive - Dec 4, 2003



My third audio entry is a scratch tune that I found hidden in an obscure directory of my hard disk. Most of these scratch tunes I record are musical memos; stubs for songs that I had once intended to write, but couldn't due to lack of time or imagination. Like many of my other tunes, even this one had a few lines of poetry to go with it. Sadly, I don't remember the words anymore, or the sentiments I had attempted to capture. So all we're left with is an orphaned tune - without words, just a title: Kyon Raat(139 kb).

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Learning from the gurus: How to market your software project.



Finally back after more than 36 hours offline... Some "freeware" software trojaned an extremely freaky adware program into my machine. When I removed the adware, it took down the whole network adapter components of the OS along with it. Notes to self: a) Be careful about exactly WHAT freeware you're installing. b) If you ever meet a programmer who writes such kind of AdWare, remember to go for his jugular.