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December 26th

grumble grumble grumble

Somebody shoot the wedding planner! The colourful Sandhya wrote in to tell me about the Delhi Bloggers Meet, on Jan 13th. I've heard there's also a Mumbai Meetup planned in the first week of Jan. Thanks to my travel schedule, I'm going to have to miss both. The only blog meetups I can attend around these dates are those that take place in Kolkata, Ranchi or Jamshedpur. However I have doubts if blogging has contaminated Jharkhand yet.

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be nice

Hey, it's Christmas. Buy me stuff. And merry whatever you you too.


December 25th

oxymoron of the day


3 down, 2 to go

Somebody should shoot my university's schedule-makers. It's Christmas time, everyone's partying, and I have to study for exams! How does one expect me to study Artificial Intelligence (exam on the 29th) with this holiday season around? And I have nothing, simply nothing to say about my E-Commerce papers, which are oh-so-conveniently slated for, yes you guessed it right, the 31st of December. I wonder if they're planning a cute little party at the CompSci department at the end of it.

And if you thought this was the end of my rant about my the University of Delhi, Computer Science Dept.'s sadistic pleasures, I'm sorry, there's more. Some extremely wise and foresighted individuals decided that the exams shall be conducted from 2:30 to 5:30 in the afternoon/evening, which in this 6°C weather, makes it almost impossible to have any motor control over your hands by the end of it all. You might think it's funny to see a guy squirm in the cold trying to write somewhat legibly while at the same time control the urge to visit the bathroom in the dying minutes of an examination, but I assure you, it's not. I speak from experience.

December 16th

google book search

Our favourite search engine joins the fray. via kottke


December 16th


Some new additions to my blogroll:

  • Ankit Mohan - grad student at Northwestern U who also owns the nifty domain.
  • Nat Friedman - Ximian co-founder with nice photos on his blog.
  • Alpha - Godess of weblog generated laughter.
  • Kalyan Varma - Security guru and a pretty cool guy. I'm a big fan of this snap of his.
  • Jeffrey Heer - Berkeley grad student and PARC researcher.

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December 15th

small is beautiful a nice listing of small, lightweight applications and utilities for Dos / Windows.


December 14th

of computers and creative writing

I guess Google News still has to work on their "interpret creative writing" module:

Google News Screen Capture

The PowerPoint story is actually a critique on the use of the infamous slideshow software, which cites NASA's technical presentations as an example of Powerpoint misuse. While it shares the same keywords with the other two articles, the NYTimes report is not about NASA's response to the CAIB recommendations - it only starts with approximately the same words.

somebody build this please

Out of the frustration of not being able to get myself to write code in between end-semester exams; and the fact that I've become rather infamous for shutting down / doing away with my projects, I've decided to make my contribution to the lazyweb - behold Arnab's Awesome Internationalization Facilitator™:

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