Archive - Nov 2003

November 11th

falling apart

Like all things in this world, my computer too is showing signs of age. At times, the CD drive stops working, which I tend to by taking off the case cover and reattaching the connecting wires after blowing on them in an attempt to remove dust. This is an easy task, since I keep my computer in a state of "easy undress"; all screws removed, with the inner wires arranged for easy access. However, while you might think that this redressal would allow me to get on with my work, my computer decides otherwise during the next boot: Error: Floppy Drive(s) Fail. After the floppy is fixed, it's the keyboard's turn, where one encounters the funniest IBM joke yet: Keyboard fail. Press F1 to continue.

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November 9th

no comments

Adam is waging a war against comment spam.


November 8th


Just got back home from MODEM '03. I'd gone there just to hang around, but since the quizmaster didn't turn up, Aadisht and I prepared the whole thing in a couple of hours and did the event ourselves; thus making this the third MODEM I quizmastered. Was fun. I intended to come back home and write a whole lot about today, but I just realized I'm way too tired to write anything thoughtful and coherent. Should hit the sack now. Goodnight!


November 5th

live at modem

I'll be crashing Modem 2003 on Saturday, the 8th of November. Any Delhi schoolbloggers around? Gimme a holler. It would be cool if we can have a blog meetup of sorts.



Back! It's been a looong hiatus. There's loads of action planned for this website, so stay tuned!!