Archive - Nov 2003

November 20th


Added RSS 2.0 Syndication and a new buttonset to the sidebar. If the buttons aren't showing properly, you might have to refresh your cache for the new stylesheet: press ctrl+F5 or something.


November 19th


Break Up Letter Generator: Hmm, this should be useful someday.

update: a wonderful reader pointed out that the link is dead. As a public service, here are some more websites you can use to to say goodbye.


November 16th

brand new day?

Microsoft seems to be flaunting a new attitude, one that says "Yes we're evil. Now let us try to become good". Rob Scoble is almost 100% of the time using this as his basic evangelistic premise; new language technologies ASP and .Net support unix-friendly PerlScript; and the open-source-like pre-pre-pre-alpha release of Longhorn is full of this apparently positive approach.

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a better dictionary

If you're sick of's slow load-times and pop-up ads, check out HyperDictionary - it's got a nice, clean interface and you can browse endlessly since every word on site is clickable. Go have a look!


November 15th

lost in transit

As an added 'feature' to its services, my internet provider intercepts all outgoing emails and sends them using its own mail server. While this is quite helpful since I can send large attachments very quickly; the problem is that this is done through an open relay. It seems that the server was recently detected and blacklisted by spam tracking lists, making spam filters think my email is spam. I've stopped using the local relay server for now, but it seems lots of people haven't received emails that I sent out.

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Noticed this while reading Nidhi's blog. I don't know whether this means that AdSense gave up trying to figure out exactly what NidhiT's writing about; but I must say the big G's got a good sense of humor.

AdSense Ad: 'This Blank Space Brought To You By Google'


November 14th

idyaDBX released

I'm happy to announce the release of idyaDBX: the new name for the DBX project. We're calling this idyaDBX instead of just DBX to avoid getting confused with all the other things named DBX: we're sick of people emailing us with their Outlook Express issues (go here, people!).

There are many cool things other than just the new name. The most important of which are the new licensing terms, where we're open-sourcing idyaDBX. By default, idyaDBX is available under the Q Public License, a OSI-compatible license that allows redistribution (without modification) of idyaDBX for non-commercial software. There are also some contributed fixes and minor tweaks in the code. In addition to this, we've moved the project to SourceForge and have redone the website: lots of new features to facilitate the project's progress.

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There is news that Ramsus Lerdorf is going to speak at Linux Bangalore 2003. The event is from the 2nd to the 4th of December, and my endsems start from 8th. Why does this always happen to me?! I guess I can console myself with the fact that Zeev and Andi(the current maintainers of the language and designers of the upcoming fifth version) are not coming.


November 12th