Archive - Nov 23, 2003


CAT Exams Cancelled: The IIM entrance examination was cancelled today after the CBI busted a paper leak racket. My sympathies to all my friends who worked so hard preparing for it. Since the news was out only after the exam was conducted, all these poor souls had spent three hours of a wonderful Sunday morning toiling over something that they thought was the most important thing in their life! I guess they should view this as the ultimate simulated practice test: everything was exactly like the real thing!

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Arnab's Potato Peeling Algorithm

I've been using this method for a while now, and thought it would be nice to OpenSource it. It's great for peeling any amount of potatoes, and is much less wasteful than the conventional potato peeler method. Arnab's Potato Peeling Algorithm is licensed under the GPL. For best results, use fresh potatoes.

  1. Take a clean pad of your favourite abrasive based utensil cleaner (I use ScotchBrite). Make sure it's not the same one that your maid used to scrub the greasy dishes at home, or your potatoes will have that funny, soapy, smelly flavour. Trust me, I speak from experience.
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