Archive - Oct 2003


October 7th


PHP Programming Marathon:

The Marathon organizers will send a PHP problem via dotGeek messenger (powered by Jabber) which must be solved using both PHP and mySQL. The problem will be given at the below mentioned date and the registered participants will have to submit the solution within 24 hours via a submission form. The solutions will be analyzed by the Jury and, depending on the number of participants , the winners will be announced in maximum one week.

It's on November 22nd.

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October 6th

google glitch?

Google search results for ' google'

/. is also reporting something related.


October 3rd

icann issues ultimatum

As reported on /., ICANN has issued an ultimatum to Verisign(overlord of the .net and .com TLDs) asking that it shut down its infamous SiteFinder service within 36 hours, or it'll sue. Good to see that these organizations are finally trying to use their clout against the evil monopoly. Their charges against Verisign:

These inconsistencies include violation of the Code of Conduct and equal access provisions, failure to comply with the obligation to act as a neutral registry service provider, failure to comply with the Registry Registrar Protocol, failure to comply with domain registration provisions, and provision of an unauthorized Registry Service.

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October 2nd


Wonderful blogpost about the travails of explaining geek jobs to normal people. Includes a mention of the world-famous Explaining Something Technical With A Metaphor technique.


October 1st


Google buys personalized search start-up: I'm betting they're going to come up with a Copernic clone soon.