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second post

My second music blog post is a cover version(422kb) of the first 30 seconds of Silk Route's Wind, a song that featured in the [v] Jammin' TV series. I don't think this song ever made it to any album as such, and hence doesn't get played on TV or radio anymore. However, Silk Route does perform this song usually as their opener for live acts, and the haunting melody in the prelude provides an awesome "lull before the storm" effect to the entire show.



I'm trying something new here, so please bear with me and listen up:

I realized I can compress some audio (like flute and voice) to pretty small sizes, so it's feasible to actually blog in audio. So here's Arnab's Music Blog, the first post (51.1kb). It's a 50-second piece of completely nonsensical flute playing - I couldn't figure out what to play. But hey, it's a start. Comments appreciated!

statutary note: I take no responsiblility to any mental, physical or psychiatric harm caused to you by my flu

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My country's Prime Minister is the eighth most influential agenda setter in the IT world today. Go Figure.

There's only one other Indian in the list, which is a disappointment. According to my 1/6th rule, atleast a sixth of the list should have been of Indian origin. That's a minimum of eight people. I look forward to the day that happens.

come to kamariya

Aasma, the new [v] popstars have a second video on air. Titled Come to kamariya / Chandu ke Chacha, this dance/club number has its lyrics derived from the tongue-twister that featured in Karan Johar's Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. It's more or less a please-leave-your-brains-outside-the-hall kind of a song, but a good one nonetheless.