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January 25th

pee arr

Kiruba and Codey point to this interview about PR & Blogging. Though the article is meant for large companies with minimum online presence, even small projects can become PR successes using blogs. I've made so many friends on the net by just searching and reading rants/reviews about blogsnob and then commenting on the blogposts.

Also, I think blogging teaches you how to communicate more effectively and cleanly. For instance, we got this email some time ago from an AdSystem customer:

This program doesn't appear to do what we need... Can you please let me know if this program will do what we want and if not, how to get a refund.

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January 22nd


Blogsnob's been nominated for the Bloggies... You can vote for it by going to the Bloggies Site in the the "Best Webring" category. Spread the word around, will ya? Thanks.


January 20th

25 days to go

My Haypi Budday is coming up in 25 days (yes, go ahead, call me cupid). So I hope all my dear readers are all gearing up to buy me that Tablet PC I wanted... Also that Ford Ikon nXt they're showing on TV... Oh, I also need a new desktop - um, let's see... Dual P4, 1G RAM & Scanner? Of course, what's a 20th birthday without a grand surprise party thrown by friends at the Oberoi?

Yes, people, I turn twenty this year. Now I'm what they call Old. Sorry, world, I refuse to grow up. To quote Bryan Adams here:

18 TILL I DIE!!!


January 18th

Prava See Ya

All this humdrum about Non Resident Indians being so successful makes me want to scream. So many people are talking about how this Indian is the CEO of that company, etc. So? Big Deal!!

I agree with something Lord Swaraj Paul said recently - We are one sixth of the world's population. Read it again. One Sixth. That's like, one, two, three, four, five, Bhaijan. Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Behenji.

By this rule, every one in six successful people should be Indian. So every one in six times you read a book, it should be an Indian work. Every sixth software you use, should be Indian. Hell, every sixth model you think of in your dreams should also be Indian.

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January 17th

currently reading

Just finished Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - A Scandal In Bohemia on the Palm. Currently in the line are some other Sherlock Holmes, and H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. Though the font size is a little small, and it does require some time to get used to, it's got some things I've always wanted while reading books in bed - you don't have to flip pages, it turns itself off in 2 minutes on inactivity (when I fall asleep) and best of all - the backlight allows me to read in the dark, without my parents screaming.


January 13th

People, I'd like you to meet my new baby:

Palm m500 - MINE!!

It's a Palm m500. And it's MINE! I've waited for this so long and it's finally in my hands. Yipee!

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January 10th



Exams khattam! They were pretty decent, considering the extreme last minute studying that I indulged in this time.

The first thing I did after the last exam was go to Kapil's house and check email - 60 new. Not bad. My Primary Hard Disk's crashed, taking along with it my MP3 collection, all the apps I installed, and all my email and address book. So much for second hand stuff.

I'm contemplating now whether to go for a new HDD, or a new computer, lets say a 2GigHz, 512Mb? Hmm.

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