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October 22nd

open source and making money from it

This article has a good analogy: Normal software is like selling Coke - you have the secret formula and you're trying to get it to as many people as possible. Open Source is like selling bottled water. People have it, but you're still selling it to them.

This article gives some information about licensing etc., but it generally says the same thing. You're still selling something that's free. The only reason people will be buying it from you is because your bottle looks snazzier (easy to use Interface), they can get your brand everywhere (good distribution), and you provide cool things with your bottle (accessories, tools, training, support...).

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October 19th

now on mt2.5

Finally finished upgrading to Version 2.5. This is the reason I moved to php from perl. I uploaded all the files, ran the script, and what do I get? The Internal Server Error 500. My webserver can't handle perl scripts in DOS format, so you have to convert it into UNIX format. It took me an entire week of research to get this thing right - 6 days to find the batch converter, and 20 seconds to convert all the files.


October 5th


Check out the names at this page here - An entry by Arnab Nandi - but it's not me! I thought my name was rare... hmm. Check out the address - - he's working at InfoSys!! wow.


October 3rd

back from the dead

Sorry for not posting so long - it's been an awfully busy month. Blogging, it seems, is a pretty tough thing to do - you can't write when you're free, because you have nothing to do, and thus nothing to write about. And when you have something to do, you don't have the time to write about it!

The 15 days of October Holidays have started. I had promised myself I'd study seriously this fortnight, but I just can't get myself to it. All of a sudden I'm downloading SDKs, subscribing to developer mailing lists and learning new languages. I have no clue what's going to happen.

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September 23rd

round and round and round...

The DTC has started the new Mudrika service today. There's about 8 new buses on the ring road, and all the buses don't have a ending stop - they just keep going round and round the ring road, non stop, ALL day!
This means that I don't need to ask before getting on to a bus. Just get on to it, travel and hop off. No remembering route numbers / timings etc. Life is fun.

This really cool thing happened today while I was travelling by the new Mudrika. This junior of mine from school asks me:

"Hi, are you the same Arnab who came in that "The Week" article?"
"Yes, why?"

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fashioning the future

A friend of mine is a fashion design student, and they've been assigned to come up with The Fashion Forecast for the year 2004. It sounded interesting, so I tried to come up with something:

Arnab's Fashion Forecast for years 2004,5,6:

Fashion Designers will have completely given up on the act of making new clothes. The fact is, that since EVERYbody has been buying new things for centuries, clothing has reached it maximum point. Hordes of clothes will adorn the average person's beds, cupboards, tables, etc.
Thus, people will only wear what they see first. Condition, color, coordination, style of clothing will all be rendered irrelevant, and anti-productive attributes. Stuff like old dad's shirts (old shirt, not dad) , and the sibling's jeans are the norm in collegewear today.

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September 21st

why this blog doesn't have a comment button

People have been asking why you can't comment on this blog. The principle reason is that it's my space, and I do the talking here. If you want to say something, you can contact me using the contact page, or post stuff on your blog, or at timepastown.

The other reason is, that I can't get the comments working in Movable Type for some weird reason.


September 19th

I think it'd be cool

I think it'd be cool if someone could make a small tool so that I could type in google: apples -oranges into my browser and it would take me directly to the Google search results. Yahoo messenger uses something like ymmgr: and MSN uses msmn:; so I think it should'nt be too difficult to implement.


welcome to zombocom

This one's hilarious. Extremely hilarious -


oogle boogle

Google churns out the most amazing things! I was looking for comments/ articles about Blogsnob, and saw that we'd been featured in the Hindu Business Line!! We did do an interview with Mr. Nair a long time ago, but since he did'nt contact us after that, we didn't know if we got featured or not.
Go check out the article here. It was published on July 29th - and we didn't even know! Also note the number of time he writes "says Nandi".