Archive - Sep 23, 2002


round and round and round...

The DTC has started the new Mudrika service today. There's about 8 new buses on the ring road, and all the buses don't have a ending stop - they just keep going round and round the ring road, non stop, ALL day!
This means that I don't need to ask before getting on to a bus. Just get on to it, travel and hop off. No remembering route numbers / timings etc. Life is fun.

This really cool thing happened today while I was travelling by the new Mudrika. This junior of mine from school asks me:

"Hi, are you the same Arnab who came in that "The Week" article?"
"Yes, why?"

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fashioning the future

A friend of mine is a fashion design student, and they've been assigned to come up with The Fashion Forecast for the year 2004. It sounded interesting, so I tried to come up with something:

Arnab's Fashion Forecast for years 2004,5,6:

Fashion Designers will have completely given up on the act of making new clothes. The fact is, that since EVERYbody has been buying new things for centuries, clothing has reached it maximum point. Hordes of clothes will adorn the average person's beds, cupboards, tables, etc.
Thus, people will only wear what they see first. Condition, color, coordination, style of clothing will all be rendered irrelevant, and anti-productive attributes. Stuff like old dad's shirts (old shirt, not dad) , and the sibling's jeans are the norm in collegewear today.

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