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August 24th

...just back from the 3

...just back from the 3 day trip to Gurgaon. 40 emails to check, out of which 12 were spam. I was expecting more email, and less spam. well, whatever. Will definitely write tomorrow. Have to tend to TpT right now - people've started writing suddenly.


August 21st

Played two straight games of

Played two straight games of n-ball today. I won the first game, tied the second. Sadly there's one new rule: The winner has to treat every one to a coke. n-ball is one hilarious game, but it's extremely tiring - I can't move at all, after today's matches.

Anyway, I'm just too tired now to type anything at all. Too much work on the idya front. I guess I've got too many things to handle at one time. I'll be off for 2-3 days now, since the parents and I are going to Gurgaon for the extended weekend. I wonder whether I will be able spend 3 days without a computer.


August 20th

6 orders for AdSystem in

6 orders for AdSystem in the last 7 days. Whee.

Blogger Brasil - Evan's sold Brazilian Right to Globo!!

Suddenly, The Internet business seems cool again - Thank God.


n-ball, anyone?

There were 4 of us playing our class's official sport, Hand-Squash today. After a few games, we got bored of it, and I thus invented n-ball.

It's basically an n-sided Football game, played with a tennis ball, the same one we use in Hand-Squash. The rules for n-ball are simple:

1) Every player has a goal that he has to defend.
2) For every ball hit into a player's goal, his points increase.
3) Whoever concedes 5 goals is eliminated from the game.

The rules were short and simple, but the match turned out to be a long, extremely fun game. Since it was a knockout game, everyone had to survive by protecting his/her goal. But if you just stood there trying to protect yourself, you could'nt attack other's goals. We had 4 people, so each player could shoot to 1 of 3 opponent goals. Like all survivor shows, we formed an alliance against one person and tried to get him out. But trust was a dangerous thing , as the person you trust could end up scoring in your goal!

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August 18th


This site says Arnab= waa bakaylaha (Afka-Carabiga). .

I wonder if that's a good thing.


August 18th

what's cool

I was reading Jason Kottke's weblog today, and happened to click on the "More Sites" tab in the Not recommended at all area. It expanded to a longer list, with another dropdown!! oh goody!


Just started reading Akio Morita's

Just started reading Akio Morita's Made in Japan. It's the story of how Akio rose from the World War 2 hit Japan and became the chairman of Sony, one of the coolest companies around.

Found this algorithm to get rid of Spam, via /. It uses AI like principles, probability and weights to filter out bad emails. But have doubts about how well the Bayersian Method would work - should try implementing the it sometime. Personally, I think spam is fun. For example, I got this one today:

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August 16th


This circular at the UGC site has finally made it crystal-clear that the BIS course is UGC recognized.

In view of the interests of the students already pursuing the degrees of BIS, BIT, MIS and MIT, the Commission decided to permit recognition of BIS, BIT, MIS and MIT only to the already enrolled students in these degrees upto the last academic session, i.e.2000-2001 and directed that henceforth, no new enrolment in any university be made in the degrees of BIS, BIT,

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August 15th

Happy Independence Day

55 years ago, on this day, a country was reborn. Like the Phoenix, it rose again, from the ashes of 300 years of British rule, with a dream. A dream that hundreds of thousands of Freedom Fighters gave up their lives for. A dream to make India the Golden Bird that it once used to be.

It's been more than half a century now.

We have a population of over one Billion. Out of the 10 lakh lepers in the entire world, 5 lakh are Indians.

Every year, lakhs of innocent people are killed in acts of Communalism and Terrorism. So many reports of cast injustices and inhumanity dot the newspapers that you'd think it was a trend. Illiteracy, Backwardness. And to top it all, Bureaucracy and Corruption - parasites that have managed to infest and take control of the so called "leaders of our country".

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