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December 14th

towards a blog~wiki

Nilesh wrote about Wikis, and the need for keyword based browsing in a weblog. A discussion followed in the comments on that entry, and it seems there are quite a few people who like the Wiki concept, but are intimidated by usage.

Wikis are really useful for learning stuff, because of the way content is divided in to sizable, highly interlinked chunks of information. Jumping from one chunk to other is one action - a simple click. But for readers who want to "learn" stuff on a weblog, they do have the search engine at hand, but it's still too complex - yet another text box to fill, and a button to press.

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December 12th

now playing

I found this pure DHTML game called Scorched at Be careful - it's quite addictive.

Just discovered a phenomenal band called Phenom - PESIT's rock band. They're just back from doing a gig at Linux Bangalore (where 2 of the band members gave a robotics talk!). The band's website has complete band lineup, history, and mp3s of live recordings.

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December 10th

malda's got married

Rob Malda, creator, Slashdot, did this, and it made headlines. And finally this has happened. Cool!


the third person

In the world of Indian webloggers, a strange force has taken over the minds of many. This epidemic has been documented by Nilesh in the comments of Sonal's weblog as The Third Person Thing - or TTPT, for short. TTPT was first sighted at Satyen Kale's weblog, in a weblog entry about the Princeton snowstorm, and has been analyzed to be highly infectious.

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December 9th


I found this cool parody of American Pie at Slashdot in the comments while searching for info - A Tribute to Slashdot:

A long, long time ago
I can still remember
How the trollers used to make me smile

And I knew if I had to boast
That I could try to get first post
And maybe I'd be happy for a while

But moderators made me shiver
With every minus they'd deliver

DoS scripts couldn't stop it
They scored them all "Offtopic"

I know that it's cheap crack they smoke

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breakfast a la grandé

Went out for a walk today in the morning, and fixed myself a comparitively "grand" breakfast after I came back - here's what the menu was like:

Arnab's ispecial Chocolate Coffee (milk, cofee and 1/2 a bar of 5 Star)
Hot Scrambled Eggs with Butter
Toast (Extra crisp)
Hot & Sweet Tomato Chilli Sauce, for the eggs
Nestlé Munch chocolate, to finish.

I had my computer play some songs in the background - from Euphoria's Dhoom to the brilliant song by Eminem - Stan.

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December 8th


EVLOVER- a site devoted to the brave man left standing. Flattering, yet creepy. [via Kiruba]


things I found today

WozCam - a real, live webcam in Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak's home. You can even control it - pan, zoom, et al. [found via The Scobleizer]

Jakarta's Jon: Some say he's not a nice guy. Some say he's a nice guy. I don't really care - if he tells me to write a subroutine that I could've designed better, I'm not arguing with him. No way. [found via Scripting News]

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December 7th

new look

Anita Bora from Rediffland now has this snazzy fresh look for her blog. Go take a look.


new things

I finally took out some time (about 8 hours, actually) to make small changes to the 2 line profile on the right hand side column and finish the things I had planned out for this weblog:

Valid Code: This blog is now 100% pure, refined XHTML and CSS. I'd like to thank Sebastian Delmont for the really cool Validable plugin for MT that I used here. It autocorrects things like &s in URLs to generate valid XHTML.

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