Archive - Dec 7, 2002


new look

Anita Bora from Rediffland now has this snazzy fresh look for her blog. Go take a look.


new things

I finally took out some time (about 8 hours, actually) to make small changes to the 2 line profile on the right hand side column and finish the things I had planned out for this weblog:

Valid Code: This blog is now 100% pure, refined XHTML and CSS. I'd like to thank Sebastian Delmont for the really cool Validable plugin for MT that I used here. It autocorrects things like &s in URLs to generate valid XHTML.

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reap what you sow?

Mike Wendland wrote an article a few weeks ago about millionaire Alan Ralsky who lives in a brand new 8000-sq-foot luxury home, complete with T1 Internet and everything else this sweet world has to offer. So how does millionaire Alan Ralsky pay for all this? Simple. He's behind 40% of the junk email you get in your inbox everyday.

Slashdot picked up this article, and soon we had Slashdotters churning out all sorts of information about him, including his postal address, which people eagerly used to sign up for every ad catalog and junk snail mail there they could lay there hands on! So now, Alan's been "slashdotted" with junk mail! Read more in Mike's follow up article.

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