Archive - Dec 21, 2002


of bots and men

Here's a list of the last 4 visitors at, according to my statistics program:

1. The Wossrom Bot, a program that determines how 'friendly' a blog is towards different operating systems.
2. The EvilBot, a program that updates the "Index Of Evil" to keep track of who's the baddest bad boy of them all. Bin Laden's still #1, by the way.
3. Some guy using Lynx 2.81, the a good text-mode browser that people use when they're secretly (mis)using Internet in the college library. Reading this blog in the college library? I'm flattered.

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...You don't notice that Eminem's song, Stan has the f-word 4 times until you're playing it at top volume, and your parents and you are having breakfast, listening to the "ambient music" you set up.