Archive - Dec 18, 2002


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Oh where oh where can my baby be
The Lord took her away from me
She's gone to heaven so I got to be good
So I can see my baby when I leave this world

We were out on a date in my daddy's car
We hadn't driven very far
There in the road straight up ahead
A car was stalled the engine was dead
I couldn't stop so I swerved to the right
I'll never forget the sound that night
The screaming tires the busting glass
The painful scream that I heard last

When I woke up the rain was pouring down
There were people standing all around

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time passed

Just back from the TpT meetup - kMac, aNax, Pep, and Megs were there. I met Megs and kMac for the first time - it's a unique thing to communicate with a person first via a website, and read their articles / poetry, and then meet them in person. Except for Anuj not showing up, it was a pretty nice thing overall.

I'm pretty tired right now, maybe I'll update this space later with more info about the meetup.