Archive - Nov 8, 2002


good spam

This is what I got in my inbox a few minutes ago:

We found the following 9 broken links on

On page : Not Found : Not Found
On page : Not Found : Not Found

For just $5 (US) per month we will check your website regularly, and warn you of any future broken links. Your website's visitors will thank you for it. [direct paypal link]

The broken links he sent were correct - so the email was pretty helpful, and I would consider it if it was a little cheaper. That's what I call good marketing.

things that make you go hmmm...

Two weeks after releasing this site to the general public, the Googlebot has paid a visit. It indexed my site for 2 days, and now this site is in the Google search results. The first search term that brought people to my site is tughlaqabad fort.

While I was studying Google's indexing of this site, I've discovered that the word "arnab" means two things: It's a name; and it's a word in Somalian or some other African language (like I had guessed in a previous weblog entry). What I'd really like to know is what "arnab" means in Somalian.

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work and its rewards

I've been drowning my guilt of not studying in the frustration of developing extensions for PHP. I'm beyond the "Hello World" stage, but I have a very, very, long way to go to do anything substantial.

In other news, Kapil just informed me that we recieved, processed and delivered 2 orders for AdSystem in the last 48 hours. yay!