Archive - Nov 17, 2002


what an idya

When we founded idya Research, we had one statement that we resolved to keep in our minds when working on anything. The statement is "Because Simple is beautiful". While chatting with a friend today, he asked me what it meant, and I said:

Me: Remember that scene from Dil Chahta Hai? Preity Zinta in that pure white dress, wet looking hair, and just a string of beads around her neck and shoulders, so subtle but still looking like an angel fallen from heaven?

Him: er, Yes

Me: That's what we mean by "Simple is beautiful".

Speaking of idya, Idea Cellular has arrived in Delhi, with awesome ads on TV and posters, glowsigns, and billboards all accross the city. The ads look so good that my evil brain thought up this really cool plan where we could simply print "Y" signs in bulk, and paste the Y over the E in every "Idea"!

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