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November 29th


Fellow Indiblogger Nilesh Chaudhari has created a way-cool MTBlogTimes plugin for Movable Type that allows you to create an awesome time bar depicting the frequency distribution of your weblog posts. And it's looks really good on his blog too!


November 28th


I just discovered that my computer screen has a really cool touch-sensitive line-highlighting feature. Yes, simply run your finger along the line you want, and the collected dust on the screen will go away, leaving a highlighted area twice as bright as normal.


November 27th

immovable types

Ben and Mena Trott, the couple that brought us MovableType are celebrating their third anniversary. Mena's even posted some love letters from when they were 18. Happy Anniversary! (The footer on Mena's blog is really cool: My life is Powered by Movable Type

One day even I shall open up my inbox archive and copy paste love letters from when I was 18.

...It's been a year since I was 18.

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November 25th

Quid quid Latine dictum sit,

Quid quid Latine dictum sit, altum viditur - Whatever is said in Latin sounds important.


November 22nd

student syndrome

Eliyahu M. Goldratt, in his book, Critical Chain:

Student Syndrome - no matter how long you give students to work on something, they will start the night before.

How true. How very, very true. (Link found via Joel on Software)


November 22nd

daypop is back

I just noticed that DayPop, the search engine that focusses on current events, news and weblogs is back. I had gotten addicted to the Daypop Top 40 for the top 40 links of the day before DayPop went down.


November 21st

segway wisecrack

I read this neat comment on Slashdot, about the Segway:

I can't wait for the day when an ASIMO steals a Segway and runs over someone's AIBO.


November 19th


Don't know what to do with that 5000 dollar bill that you've got lying around? Go pre-order a Segway Human Transporter! This much hyped, two wheeled wonder is scheduled to ship in March 2003. It appears is the sole seller for the product.

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November 17th

what an idya

When we founded idya Research, we had one statement that we resolved to keep in our minds when working on anything. The statement is "Because Simple is beautiful". While chatting with a friend today, he asked me what it meant, and I said:

Me: Remember that scene from Dil Chahta Hai? Preity Zinta in that pure white dress, wet looking hair, and just a string of beads around her neck and shoulders, so subtle but still looking like an angel fallen from heaven?

Him: er, Yes

Me: That's what we mean by "Simple is beautiful".

Speaking of idya, Idea Cellular has arrived in Delhi, with awesome ads on TV and posters, glowsigns, and billboards all accross the city. The ads look so good that my evil brain thought up this really cool plan where we could simply print "Y" signs in bulk, and paste the Y over the E in every "Idea"!

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November 15th


Just when I had been pestering Anuj to death about getting me an iPAQ 3835, HP gets ready to release this baby. The HP iPAQ H1910 is a 200MHz, 64MB, 16bit TFT Pocket PC. Almost identical to the 3835's specs, only that it looks a little like the Zire, and that it's for $299!!

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