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October 27th

using your own

I'm conducting the quiz at my college's computer fest, and I needed a simple way to store all those questions, so that I could edit them etc. And guess what I used? DBX!! It's simple and small, and we wont need to install it(since DBX doesn't need to be) on the PC in college. Also, since the data is stored in XML, I'm directly writing all my questions in <question> tags in my text editor... It's quite fast, and has made the process much easier. It's a nice feeling when you find a good use for your own creat

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October 26th


Went for the walk at Tughlaqabad fort today. Magsasay award winner Dr. Ramji Narayan took us to the fort, and told us all about it. Dr. Ramji is an economics professor, but it's amazing that he knows so much about history. The fort is an amazing 14th century monument, and it was really cool to learn about how people built buildings for war in the pre-gunpowder era. We even had a chance to go down into one of the Sultan's escape passages, which was all dark and full of bats. It was a nice mix of adventure and education. And the phrase for the day would be Dr. Ramji's now famous qu

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October 23rd

walk, talk and a guitar recital

I've been quite busy this week organizing cultural events in my college, as a part of SPICMACAY's Virasat Programme. This monday we had a talk by Magsasay award winner Rajendra Singh about Water Conservation and the Environment. It was a really informative talk. On the 26th we have a walk around Tughlaqabad Fort with Dr. Ramji Narayan, a noted historian.

October 22nd

open source and making money from it

This article has a good analogy: Normal software is like selling Coke - you have the secret formula and you're trying to get it to as many people as possible. Open Source is like selling bottled water. People have it, but you're still selling it to them.

This article gives some information about licensing etc., but it generally says the same thing. You're still selling something that's free. The only reason people will be buying it from you is because your bottle looks snazzier (easy to use Interface), they can get your brand everywhere (good distribution), and you provide cool things with your bottle (accessories, tools, training, support...).

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October 19th

now on mt2.5

Finally finished upgrading to Version 2.5. This is the reason I moved to php from perl. I uploaded all the files, ran the script, and what do I get? The Internal Server Error 500. My webserver can't handle perl scripts in DOS format, so you have to convert it into UNIX format. It took me an entire week of research to get this thing right - 6 days to find the batch converter, and 20 seconds to convert all the files.


October 5th


Check out the names at this page here - An entry by Arnab Nandi - but it's not me! I thought my name was rare... hmm. Check out the address - - he's working at InfoSys!! wow.


October 3rd

back from the dead

Sorry for not posting so long - it's been an awfully busy month. Blogging, it seems, is a pretty tough thing to do - you can't write when you're free, because you have nothing to do, and thus nothing to write about. And when you have something to do, you don't have the time to write about it!

The 15 days of October Holidays have started. I had promised myself I'd study seriously this fortnight, but I just can't get myself to it. All of a sudden I'm downloading SDKs, subscribing to developer mailing lists and learning new languages. I have no clue what's going to happen.

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