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December 31st

happy noo ear!

All this Networking and Windows Programming and Theory of Computation and Graphics is getting too frustrating. Endsems start 2nd Jan, end on the 9th. Therefore, my next post will be after that. Hope everyone has a great New Year. Back to 802.3, 802.4, 802.5......


December 25th

diapers for christmas

Well, I open my much-spammed Yahoo Mail Inbox, and here's what I see:

Yahoo Inbox: One year's supply of Huggies Free

Going by the forms I filled while signing up, I think Yahoo already knows I'm 19 years old, and definitely grown out of the "out-of-control" stage. As far as I know. I don't think people have babies at my age, usually. I don't think its common for 19 year olds to have infant siblings either. Then why should I be offered such wonderous deals? Ms. Wenda, I have two words for you. Targeted Advertising.

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December 21st

of bots and men

Here's a list of the last 4 visitors at, according to my statistics program:

1. The Wossrom Bot, a program that determines how 'friendly' a blog is towards different operating systems.
2. The EvilBot, a program that updates the "Index Of Evil" to keep track of who's the baddest bad boy of them all. Bin Laden's still #1, by the way.
3. Some guy using Lynx 2.81, the a good text-mode browser that people use when they're secretly (mis)using Internet in the college library. Reading this blog in the college library? I'm flattered.

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...You don't notice that Eminem's song, Stan has the f-word 4 times until you're playing it at top volume, and your parents and you are having breakfast, listening to the "ambient music" you set up.


December 20th


BusinessWorld Issue Cover page

[via Kautilya]


devnagari script kiddies

This news at Linux Delhi's site made me chuckle:

Two school students, Avneesh Chhabra (15) and Shivaas Gulati (15) designed a Hindi Devanagri font for an inter-school contest. They won the event, received assurances from Microsoft that the Seattle-based company may be interested in licensing the fonts from them, and then, on 25 November 2002, decided nevertheless to publish the fonts under the freedom-based Lesser Gnu Public License (LGPL).

The Inter-School contest was MODEM 2002 - I was there to conduct a quiz. The Font Design event was being held for the first time. The objective was to make an ITRANS mapped Unicode Hindi Font and it was quite exciting to see the entries, and the approaches used. Some guys had actually scanned and vectorized Hindi characters written with pencil on paper. Some entries looked like hacks of presently available stuff.

December 19th

fashionably caribbean gurgaon

Google thinks I'm the 10th best guy who knows what you could do in Gurgaon. Google thinks I could tell people where they hid the Caribbean oil after World War 2. But to top it all, everyone should now come to me to decide what to buy for the year after the next. |


December 18th

now playing

Oh where oh where can my baby be
The Lord took her away from me
She's gone to heaven so I got to be good
So I can see my baby when I leave this world

We were out on a date in my daddy's car
We hadn't driven very far
There in the road straight up ahead
A car was stalled the engine was dead
I couldn't stop so I swerved to the right
I'll never forget the sound that night
The screaming tires the busting glass
The painful scream that I heard last

When I woke up the rain was pouring down
There were people standing all around

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time passed

Just back from the TpT meetup - kMac, aNax, Pep, and Megs were there. I met Megs and kMac for the first time - it's a unique thing to communicate with a person first via a website, and read their articles / poetry, and then meet them in person. Except for Anuj not showing up, it was a pretty nice thing overall.

I'm pretty tired right now, maybe I'll update this space later with more info about the meetup.


December 15th

a better hack

vitaflo has a better hack to work around the IE/PC box model weirdness.