diapers for christmas

Well, I open my much-spammed Yahoo Mail Inbox, and here's what I see:

Yahoo Inbox: One year's supply of Huggies Free

Going by the forms I filled while signing up, I think Yahoo already knows I'm 19 years old, and definitely grown out of the "out-of-control" stage. As far as I know. I don't think people have babies at my age, usually. I don't think its common for 19 year olds to have infant siblings either. Then why should I be offered such wonderous deals? Ms. Wenda, I have two words for you. Targeted Advertising.

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mushy mushy messenger

The reviews of the new MSN Messenger 5.0 have'nt really been too encouraging. And I agree. Other than being yet another unneccessary cosmetic change, this upgrade was just another incorporation of some completely useless, and particularly annoying features. For example, the extremely irritating MSN Today popup, a dastardly sin that the Yahoo Messenger had already commited. And a new set of sounds that replace the pleasant old ones. The new "user is online" sound is not quite what you'd like to hear at 2 o'clock in the night when you're reading a scary story. (Of course, they're far more pleasant than Yahoo's "user is offline" sound - a horrifying creaking door from those vampire movies.)

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I think it'd be cool

I think it'd be cool if someone could make a small tool so that I could type in google: apples -oranges into my browser and it would take me directly to the Google search results. Yahoo messenger uses something like ymmgr: and MSN uses msmn:; so I think it should'nt be too difficult to implement.