June 24th, 2003


Dear people who're contacting me for the PHP job post, I am 20 years old, I like to watch Cartoon Network, and eat copius quantities of candies, chips, and other stuff that comes in glitzy wrappers. Hence, I would really appreciate if you do not address me as sir.


new word

Kingsley creates a new word: fundae. Some thing tells me I'm going to be using this a lot.


June 20th

in the face

I really liked Aaron Boodman's introduction to his fabulous website. Go read init()


help wanted

I'm looking for PHP whizkids who're in their first or second year of college, in India for a challenging non commercial project. Please contact me if you're interested, and do spread the word around.

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June 17th

good news

Mumbaikars rejoice! The great Arnab shall be gracing your city for one more month! Ticket postponed to mid July!


curing nose bleeds

Arnab's cure for persitently reoccuring nose bleeds: Move to Mumbai. I mean it, seriously. In Delhi, they used to happen to me almost every day; but ever since I landed in Mumbai, they've completely gone away. 15 days so far and no problems at all. I believe it has something to do with the humid weather and climate. Perhaps I should contact the Mumbai Tourism Agencies with this as a possible attraction... "Mumbai - The Nose Friendly City"!


June 12th

more matrix

Reloaded gets banned in Egypt for "depicting religion"

Also, for those of you who wonder why they named the trilogy after a computer data structure, go look up matrix in the dictionary: it means "mother", or "creator".



The hindi version of The Matrix Reloaded is called Mayajaal. It sounds funny at first, but if you think about the maya concept in Indian philosophy, which says that the whole world around us is an illusion, and that all our material needs and desires are inconsequent. So it would be safe to say The Matrix and maya are the same thing, except that the maya concept dates back to 3000 B.C.


June 11th

cool shirt

cool t-shirt available at

June 5th


UNL Summer School started today. I'm part of a class of 40 people, out of which only about 13 are students - the rest are all professors from different universities, and lecturers. There are only two undergrad students other than me, so the overall classroom feeling is slightly awkward right now, but I should get used to it.