Archive - 2006

March 28th

cheeky typos

The Typography of Girl’s Asses, by Alexander Cheek. Ironic last name, Mr. Alexander. Also take a look at dottedlinegirl’s tribute to conformity. Ass-print tracks are one of the few good innovations America’s produced in the recent past. However, this is one trend I would not like to have copied, cloned and passed on to the rather differently endowed hep auntijis of my beloved country. To imagine Mrs. Prabhakar on her early morning walk, wearing the latest ripoff Guchchi pants proclaiming “CUT PRICESS” (cute princess, get it?). Oh, the horror.


meat market

The Bangalore Torpedo analyses the Indian Marriage market.


March 27th

maintainers wanted

Today, I woke up and decided that I will give my drupal modules away, in the hope that they will be better maintained. If you’re a Drupal developer who would like to take over the Captcha, TextImage and Similar modules, please contact me. Note, I’m not unmaintaining them, I’m only looking for a person who has more time and energy than me to work out the kinks and make the modules work for every Drupal version and not bloat the features and prefers to make things more efficient. If I do not find such a person, I’ll just keep sporadically maintaining them like I was. Interested? Just send me your username, and what module you’d like to take over.


Google's BigTable

Jeff Dean talks about Google’s Distributed Semi-Structured Data Storage solution. (video)


March 26th

selection zoom in Google Maps

Raj Kaimal has an implemented demo of zoom by area selection. Very neat.


things i have done in the last few days

1. Had dinner at Mongolian Barbecue. Interesting place : they do it on the grill! The grillers are one merry bunch: spending hours in that hot, loud, noisy grill arena, singing, cheering — they almost make it seem like it’s an extreme sport. Would love to work there for a very short while. Follow that up with Chocolate Therapy at Ben & Jerry’s, and I’m a happy man.

2. Saw V for Vendetta – nice movie.

3. Met Arnab, Kaushik’s cousin. It’s always fun to meet a namesake.

4. Played with a friend’s Macbook Pro. The first thing I noticed was: Ooh, it’s thin! I’m finding it very hard to resist buying one.


March 25th

tuttle tussle

CentOS takes over Tuttle City.



Angelique “advises”:

Men, if you would decrease the amount of alone time spent with pornography and be more generous with compliments, you might just get more of the real thing. Compliment! A woman doesn’t want to know that she reminds you of a heavyweight wrestler without the muscles, or that you think someone else is hot, or that you habitually fantasize about la Jolie femme.

March 24th

good times, bad times

Caterina Fake: It’s a bad time to start a company.


March 22nd

the web 2.0 list

Web 2.0 : THE LIST.